Occupational Therapy Month at PSHSA
calendar icon October 14th, 2019
author icon Seth Sobel
Occupational Therapy Month at PSHSA

October is Occupational Therapy Month in Canada – a month to celebrate and bring awareness to the importance of Occupational Therapy.


We realize that Occupational Therapists look at prevention and early intervention in the workplace through a unique lens, one that addresses gaps within the health and safety sector. Through client-centred care, Occupational Therapy can help workers solve problems and overcome barriers that interfere with their day-to-day lives, such as overcoming functional restrictions and limitations, adapting processes or materials and making environmental changes.


In recognition of Occupational Therapy Month, we are excited to welcome Occupational Therapy services to PSHSA. A number of great products and services are coming soon that will make a real difference in the lives of Ontario workers!


Occupational Therapy Webinar Series


To launch OT at PSHSA, we are delivering a series of webinars on emerging topics in the field of Occupational Therapy as they relate to workplace health and safety. These webinars provide human resources professionals, occupational health and safety professionals, managers, supervisors and workers information about a number of hot topics in health and safety, and how Occupational Therapy can help.


Approaches to OHS Prevention Through an Occupational Therapist’s Lens

October 17, 2019 - 12:00-1:00 pm

Prevention and treatment of workplace injuries is an integral part of Occupational Therapy practice. Occupational Therapy helps solve problems that interfere with a person’s ability to do their job or other things that are important to them. By taking a leading role in workplace health, Occupational Therapy interventions can not only improve the rehabilitation of injured workers (Kollee et al., 2013), but it can also play a role in primary prevention. In this webinar we will learn about the emergence of Occupational Therapy in OHS prevention and early intervention, and how it can be used to improve your workplace occupational health and safety prevention outcomes.


Concussion in the Workplace

November 21, 2019 – 7:00-8:00 PM

Concussions in the workplace are common, and account for 80% of traumatic brain injuries to workers (College of Family Physicians of Canada, Occupational Medicine, 2016). Although concussions sustained at the workplace may not always seem serious, they should still be taken seriously and managed accordingly. In this webinar we will explore the signs and symptoms of concussion, functional implications and how to approach early intervention and return to work planning.


Sensory Processing and Management of Chronic Stress in the Workplace

December 19, 2019 – 12:00-1:00 PM

Sensory processing is the way we respond to incoming sensory information. We learn and grow through our senses, which include touch, sight, sound, smell, proprioception, vestibular sensations and taste. Occupational performance difficulties due to sensory modulation challenges, or poor integration of sensory information, can result from difficulties in how the nervous system receives, organizes and uses sensory information from the body and the physical environment. These difficulties can impact our ability to manage chronic stress in the workplace. 
In this webinar we will discuss the sensory system, how to identify our own sensory needs and ways in which workers can identify stressors and take steps to better self-regulate sensory-related challenges.


Want to learn more about the role of Occupational Therapy in Occupational Health and Safety? We want to hear from YOU. Contact us by email at ot@pshsa.ca.



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