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Welcome to copilOT!


copilOT is a virtual occupational therapy consulting service designed to promote healthy workers and healthy workplaces. copilOT focuses on ensuring workers have access to healthy and safe workplace options, while also offering a number of prevention solutions designed to improve workers' health and wellness. 

Recovery at Work


Sometimes taking time off work is a critical part of recovering from injury and illness; however we know that if a worker can recover at work, on modified or accommodated duties, they are more likely to recover faster. Studies show that the longer workers are off work, the lower the likelihood of them returning in any capacity.


Returning to work in some capacity is incredibly important for one’s physical and mental well-being. Absence through injury, illness or long-term medical conditions can present itself in many ways. Problems affecting the mental and physical well-being of a worker can seriously impact their ability to perform optimally in the workplace.


CopilOT takes a team approach to workplace health and safety. Our staff works with the employers, workers and other healthcare providers to establish a recovery at work plan focused on the worker's healthy and safe recovery for a variety of conditions including:


  • Musculoskeletal conditions causing back, neck or wrist pain
  • Chronic stress
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Cognitive impairments
  • Sensory impairment, such as deafness or blindness
  • And much more!

Why use Occupational Therapy (OT) to assist with your health and safety needs?


OTs are well versed in the challenges presented in the workplace. They are well equipped to play a central role in resolving barriers to recovery at work following a period of illness or injury. They can advise employers regarding the needs of their employees or provide coaching to workers on managing their conditions as it relates to the demands of their jobs.

Why should you choose PSHSA?


  • We know your workplace! PSHSA offers sector-specific expertise in the health and community care, municipal and government, education and culture and public safety sectors.
  • We provide customized reports. Whether you require an assessment for insurance, HR or Return to Work purposes, we can customize your report to meet your specific needs.
  • We offer timely service. With our network of consultants across the province, we are able to offer you services in a timely manner.

How does it work?


Connect with a PSHSA Therapist and receive care in the comfort of your personal workplace. Using our secure private video technology, you can connect with us to address your specific health and safety needs. Our virtual services are easy, private, and, most importantly, accessible from anywhere. In three simple steps, you can be connected with one of our Therapists.

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Email PSHSA OT to discuss your needs and set up an appointment.

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Therapist delivers 1:1 service through a video platform at a time designated by the client.

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Therapist continually monitors progress and modifies plans accordingly.

To copilOT, the sky is the limit when it comes to addressing your workplace health and safety needs. To learn more about copilOT and our services, contact the PSHSA Occupational Therapy at

Home Office Wellness
Individualized coaching sessions designed to provide recommendations for ergonomic setups, environmental modifications and exercise programs that addresses proper body mechanics, energy conservation and more.
Physical Wellness Coaching
Individualized job coaching designed to support workers with physical restrictions and limitations, (i.e. Lower back pain, neck pain, fatigue, headaches etc..) with developing and sustaining the skills needed to work independently and safely in the workplace.
Mental Wellness Coaching
Our Mental Wellness Coaching service is designed to support workers with cognitive/psychological restrictions and limitations relating to mental health conditions (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Concussion, Chronic Stress). We provide support with developing and sustaining the skills needed to work independently and safely in the workplace.
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