Mental Wellness Coaching

Mental Health has become an increasing concern in the workplace. With over 20% of the working population currently experiencing mental health problems and illness, this has resulted in increased absenteeism, lost productivity, and increased costs to the worker and employer. To help reduce the impact on the psychological health of workers, and the potential impact on your organization, we collaborate with you to create a wellness program that works for you.


Our Mental Wellness Coaching service is designed to support workers with cognitive/psychological restrictions and limitations relating to mental health conditions (i.e. Anxiety, Depression, Concussion, Chronic Stress). We provide support with developing and sustaining the skills needed to work independently and safely in the workplace.

Target Audience


Workers – All Ages – All sectors


This service is appropriate for workers looking for strategies to improve mental, cognitive and psychological performance in the workplace. Individuals exhibiting the early signs of chronic mental health conditions (i.e. depression, anxiety) or recovering from an acute mental health condition (i.e. PTSD, panic disorders, OCD) would benefit from strategies to prevent further injury from occurring, thereby supporting recovery at work.



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