Return to Work Coaching

Do you have employees recovering from an illness or injury, or who have been away from the workplace? We will collaborate with you to create and implement Return to Work plans. We offer individualized job coaching designed to support the identified Return to Work goal while providing education on a myriad of physical and cognitive/psychological restrictions and limitations, including cognitive strategies, exercises/stretches, return to work simulation, environmental modifications, energy conservation and more.



  • Build a structured, individualized Return to Work program designed to maximize the employee’s physical and psychological tolerance to return to work.
  • Includes physical re-conditioning and work simulation specific to the demands of the individual’s job.
  • Valuable tool in helping match a worker’s functional abilities to their job.
  • Used to help determine work readiness and plan proper workplace accommodations accordingly.

Target Audience


Workers – All Ages – All sectors


This service is appropriate for any worker who is recovering from an illness or injury and looking for a structured, individualized Return to Work program.



FREE telephone consultation + $120 per hour 

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