Health and Safety for Workers (Roles and Responsibilities)
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Health and safety is everyone’s business – from the employer to the worker. The intent of this program is to assist participants in understanding the Occupational Health and Safety Act, as well as the role they play in workplace health and safety.


This training program will enhance participants’ knowledge of legislated health and safety responsibilities, the internal responsibility system, worker’s rights and the supervisor’s role in workplace management. This program is designed for all workers and is applicable across all sectors.


This program is a fundamental for any client group and applicable across all sectors, this training is designed for all workers. The intent is to assist our clients in understanding and complying with the Act as well as knowing the worker's role in health and safety and the bigger picture - IRS. Workers are encouraged to complete training such as this to fully understand the duties of their employers and the role the worker plays in the H&S system.

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