**PILOT ONLY** Working at Heights Industrial Classroom Training Program
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In Class

This classroom program provides information about how to work at heights safely and the practical application of skills covering both theory and practical aspects, as related to the working at heights standard. This program includes a basic understanding of work position systems, work access equipment and platforms and the fall protection that should be used with these systems, also, specifically:

  • The rights and responsibilities related to working at heights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act 
  • Working At Heights Hazards 
  • Eliminating Or Controlling The Hazards Of Working At Heights 
  • Warning Methods And Physical Barriers 
  • Safe Ladder Use 
  • Introduction To Fall Protection Equipment
  • Anchor Points And Life Lines
  • Work Access Equipment And Platforms 

Upon completion of this program will be known the hazards of working at heights and how to protect oneself. The practical session, instructed by our PSHSA experts, ensures knowledge of proper use, inspection, and the don and doffing of equipment. This course is a condensed ½ day program and is NOT a substitute for the full PSHSA Working at Heights Training Program.

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