Sensory Processing and Management of Chronic Stress in the Workplace

Sensory processing is the way we respond to incoming sensory information. We learn and grow through our senses which include touch, sight, sound, smell, proprioception, vestibular sensations and taste. Occupational performance difficulties due to sensory modulation challenges, or poor integration of sensory information, can result from difficulties in how the nervous system receives, organizes, and uses sensory information from the body and the physical environment.  These difficulties can impact our ability to manage chronic stress in the workplace. 

In this webinar we will discuss the sensory system, and how to identify our own sensory needs. We will also review ways in which workers can identify stressors in their work and take steps to better self-regulate sensory related challenges. We will also review steps that supervisors can take to support workers in addressing these challenges.

No upcoming sessions are available.
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