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Combine the support of classroom learning with the flexibility of e-learning


Participants of PSHSAs blended learning for Joint Health and Safety Committee training, save one day of training in the classroom and the time spent in classroom is optimized as a result of the eLearning component.


Shannon Hunt PSHSA’s  Director Multi-Channel Content Delivery, describes the blended learning as “a course that combines eLearning and classroom training that is led by an instructor. This allows the learner to go through the key concepts at their own pace and then focus on applying this information through discussions and group activities during the classroom session.


Our Blended JHSC Certification Part 1 course is designed so that you can take the first day of the program through eLearning and then spend 2 days in the classroom. This lends itself to rich classroom discussions and activities with a PSHSA facilitator and your peers as everyone has a good knowledge base coming into the classroom session. In addition to the course itself, blended learning can help make Certification training easier to access while balancing requirements of travel and time away from work.”

Save $100 per employee for JHSC Certification Part One Blended



PSHSA is also offering an additional 20% OFF JHSC Certification Part Two after you complete the Blended Part One



The Ministry of Labour recently announced that Joint Health Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Part One training will be able to be delivered solely through eLearning in addition to the options of classroom, blended and distance learning.


Building on our expertise in digital product delivery and our eLearning capability PSHSA is set to embrace these changes and will plan to offer a JHSC Certification Part One eLearning program. With significant experience in providing specialized eLearning that is designed to a standard we have the capability to deliver a great digital customer experience once the change is implemented.


If you are interested in being contacted when we launch our Certification Part One please indicate your preferred method of contact and we will reach out when our program is ready

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Help your employees to balance their commitments. Any time and any place, eLearning gives employees flexible options to prioritize their busy work and personal lives.

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No more closing down for training. eLearning fits into your workflow so your business can stay open and have fewer disruptions.


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eLearning is a fast and easy way to learn, and it lets your employees learn at their own pace, so training is more enjoyable.



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