7 Reasons Why We Love Nurses
calendar icon May 9th, 2018
7 Reasons Why We Love Nurses

National Nursing Week is May 7-13, 2018. In recognition of this important occasion, we wanted to share a list of the top reasons we appreciate the nursing profession and all those motivated individuals that dedicate their careers to the care of others!


1. Nurses are pretty darn smart.

It takes both a high IQ and EQ to be a nurse. Nurses expertly combine technical knowledge related to science, technology and medicine with people skills and emotional intelligence to provide patients with well-rounded, compassionate care.


2. Nurses save peoples’ lives. 

Physicians and other healthcare professionals rely heavily on nurses’ expertise and their analysis and assessment of patients’ conditions. They are vital to any functioning healthcare system


3. Nurses are passionate about helping others. 

Nurses dedicate their entire careers to helping others better understand their health, recover from injuries or illnesses, and live more fuller lives, and we think that that’s pretty honourable!


4. Nurses have an incredible work ethic. 

Nurses work long shifts with minimal breaks and always seem to be on their feet. Their passion for their work and dedication to their patients is truly remarkable.


5. Nurses are highly adaptable and always learning. 

Continuous advancements in medical research and technology make healthcare workplaces dynamic and ever-changing. On top of this, as one never knows what will come through the healthcare organization’s doors, each day brings a new set of challenges! Nurses continue to expand their knowledge and keep up with the latest practices to ensure the best care and treatment for their patients.


6. Nurses manage countless responsibilities and priorities. 

With tons of patients to care for at any given time, nurses need to stay highly organized to ensure all are treated appropriately and everything is in order. 


7. Nurses are there for us through the tough times. 

Through their expertise and knowledge, we trust nurses to help us through difficult circumstances. They bring a sense of calmness and safety to stressful or unfamiliar situations, making us feel more at ease as patients, family members or loved ones.


While there are countless more reasons why nurses deserve our appreciation, admiration and respect, we feel this is certainly a good start. On behalf of PSHSA, we wish nurses everywhere a happy National Nursing Week! We value your dedication, achievements and contributions, and look forward to continuing to work together to keep you healthy and safe, and doing what you do best!


For more information on National Nursing Week and how you can show your support, click here.

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