Safe Environments

Every workplace has hazards. Hazards are things or situations that have the potential to harm a worker. Some hazards are physical hazards like moving parts of machinery, noise,  electricity and slips, trips and falls that can injure workers;  and some hazards are health-related, such as biological or chemical exposures,  which can cause a worker to get ill or sick.  

This part of our website provides information, tools and resources to help employers address these, and many other hazards, in the workplace. The purpose is to focus our prevention efforts on the environment in which a worker works and address all the physical, environmental, and safety-related hazards that impact a worker’s safety.

We all have a role to play in preventing workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities. You can help do that by educating yourself on these health and safety topics.
Resource Catalogue
Find a collection of tools and resources available for download, including: checklists, fast facts, handbooks, posters, resource manuals, workplace tools, and brochures.