The factors that impact health and safety at work are constantly changing as our political, social and economic environments shift and new technologies, work processes, materials and substances enter our workplaces.  

PSHSA has targeted this section of the website to provide information and resources to help workers and employers understand how these changes that may impact how we organize and do our work. Here you will find data, information and tools which we have gathered from industry experts, researchers and discussions with our stakeholders. This section of the website will help you understand these new issues and trends so that you can take steps to identify emerging challenges and take steps to provide a safe and healthy workplace for all workers – today and in the future.  

Cannabis in the Workplace
PSHSA is working with Ontario employers, supervisors and workers to provide information on cannabis and applicable legislation.
Mental Health
An important part of any healthy and safe workplace. Communication, management support and leadership can all effectively support a healthy work environment.
Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition caused by witnessing or experiencing actual or threatened death, serious injury or violence.
Workplace Fatigue
Our expert staff work with organizations who can choose from a menu of options – from building awareness to implementing a complete fatigue risk management program.
Workplace Violence in Healthcare
Workplace violence continues to be a risk to both staff and patients/residents/clients in the healthcare sector.
Workplace Violence in Education
PSHSA is working closely with Ontario’s Education sector to address workplace violence within the school community. Workplace violence is a real issue in our schools.
Concussion in the Workplace
Resources and strategies for the prevention and early intervention of concussion: an invisible disease.