Health & Community Service

Providing client-focused solutions is the key to eliminating workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities.

Headed by Director Tanya Morose and a team of regional health & community care experts, Tanya and her team serve the health and community care sector to address a number of challenges.


These challenges are due, in part, to increasing client care demands, including: the aging population, increased client acuity in Community and Long-Term Care, increased obesity rates and increased prevalence of dementia-related illnesses.


Section 21 Committee


The Health Care Section 21 Committee develops guidance notes intended for all health care organizations to provide advice to workplace parties related to legislative requirements and good practices applicable to the prevention of illness and injury to health care workers. 


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Henrietta Van hulle

Vice President, Client Outreach


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Tanya Morose

Director, Prevention, Retention and Engagement


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Today, healthcare workers have 1.5 times the number of lost-work days than the average Canadian worker.


Recently PSHSA was assigned to help lead with the Province of Ontario, in establishing a Workplace Violence Prevention in Health Care Leadership Table to better protect health care professionals. Members will bring together stakeholders and experts, including patient advocates to provide advice on how to reduce and prevent workplace violence.


An implementation plan will help protect the health and safety of health care professionals as part of the government’s four-part plan.


Learn more about what Tanya and the PSHSA healthcare team are doing to address Workplace Violence in healthcare, with a focus on managing aggressive responsive behaviours.


The impact of occupational injuries and illnesses can be minimized when employers take a proactive approach to health and safety. Check out the courses PSHSA offers for Health & Community Care.


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