Government, Municipal and Public Safety

Providing client-focused solutions is the key to eliminating workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the Government, Municipal and Public Safety Sector.

Headed by Director Patricia Clausen and a team of regional experts, Patricia and her team serve the Government, Municipal and Public Safety sector to provide health and safety training services.


Improving occupational health and safety is part of the government’s economic plan for Ontario. An important supporting factor is ensuring Ontario workers are trained and provided with current access to information, education and training options. The Government, Municipal team are working to provide municipal operations teams with resources and training to prevent and manage the new wave of workplace health and safety issues along with course options for new regulations and standards.


Working at Heights


As of April 1, 2015 employers must ensure that certain workers complete a working at heights training program that has been approved by the Chief Prevention Officer. Only an approved training provider can deliver working at heights training for those workers who work under the construction regulations. Learn More


WHMIS – The Globally Harmonized System (GHS) is Changing


What does this mean? GHS is an internationally consistent approach to classifying chemicals and communicating hazard information through labels and safety data sheets. The implementation of GHS will mean that all workplaces will have consistent hazard information. The intent of GHS is to help facilitate trade by eliminating multiple classification systems as well as enhance protection of human health by using standard messaging. Using the GHS classification system, WHMIS 1988 will become WHMIS 2015.


You Still Have Time


WHMIS 2015, is expected to be implemented between December 2014 and June 2015. There will be a period of transition following implementation. Learn More

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Henrietta Van hulle

Vice President, Client Outreach


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Patricia Clausen

Director, Prevention, Engagement and Retention Government, Municipal and Public Safety


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