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Providing client-focused solutions is the key to eliminating workplace injuries, illnesses and fatalities in the Education and Culture Sector.

Headed by Director Patricia Clausen and a team of regional experts, Patricia and her team serve the Education and Culture sector to provide health and safety training services.


Educational environments encourage curiosity and discovery, but they must also be a place of safety.


These workplaces are prone to hazards related to violence, exposure to chemicals or biological hazards, and more. Occupations such as cleaners, teaching assistants, food service employees and maintenance workers are faced with these hazards every day while on the job.


The impact of occupational injuries and illnesses can be minimized when employers take a proactive approach to health and safety. Henri and her team work with schools, colleges, universities, museums and other educational and cultural organizations to provide current and evidence backed training methods for health and safety requirements.

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Henrietta Van hulle

Vice President, Client Outreach


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Patricia Clausen

Director, Prevention, Retention, Engagement & Resourcing


Workplace Violence in Education


Workplace Violence in Education - violence on chalkboard

Workplace violence is a real issue in our schools. A growing number of teachers, education assistants and other school staff are regularly experiencing violent incidents and acts of aggression on the job. Creating safe workplaces and learning environments has become an important priority for PSHSA. We are working closely with key stakeholders in the school community to respond to this critical issue by determining current gaps, identifying leading practices and developing resources to protect education workers and prevent injuries. Learn more about the work we’re doing to address workplace violence in education. 


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