Emerging Issues

At PSHSA, we proactively engage our market and research partners to identify emerging issues within our sectors, explore new opportunities for products and technology, and create and validate solutions to address developing occupational health and safety hazards. 

Cannabis in the Workplace

With the impending legalization of cannabis, Ontario workplaces are expressing concerns about their preparedness, especially related to impairment at work and implications for safety-sensitive jobs. PSHSA is working with our clients and partners to understand the potential impacts on workplaces, and the steps employers can take to prepare.

Workplace violence healthcare nurse


Workplace Violence in Healthcare


This interactive framework provides healthcare organizations with a scalable, consensus-based approach to implementing a customized workplace violence prevention program. 


First Responders First Image




This online toolkit enables first responder organizations to build and maintain a comprehensive Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) prevention program.


Workplace Violence in Education - violence on chalkboard


Workplace Violence in Education


PSHSA is working closely with Ontario’s Education sector to address increasing incidents of workplace violence within the school community.


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Workplace Harassment


We’re helping clients review the issue of harassment in their workplaces and take action to reduce the risk of incidents. 


Mental Health Resources


Mental Health Resources


Learn about prevention strategies and available resources for managing psychological health and safety in the workplace.


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Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD)


MSDs persist as the most frequent injury sustained in our sectors. PSHSA continues to investigate effective tools and solutions.