Working at Heights Overview

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PSHSA are officially approved by the Ontario Chief Prevention Officer as meeting the new working at heights training program and provider standards. Our program covers both the theory and practical requirements outlined in the standard. The content in these courses includes:


  • Rights and responsibilities related to working at heights under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • General hazard recognition for working at heights
  • Hierarchy of controls
  • Safety procedures for warning methods and physical barriers
  • Safety procedures for ladders and similar equipment
  • An introduction to personal fall protection equipment
  • Barriers and safety nets
  • Personal fall protection equipment
  • Anchor points
  • Work positioning systems, work access and platforms
  • Rescue planning


Under the new Working at Heights training legislation you will be required to take refresher training every 3 years.

The PSHSA Difference – Technology Driven Resources and Expertise


When new regulations and requirements come into effect it can feel overwhelming. The changing and increasingly complex work environment means that employees need to be trained continuously to stay current and to stay competitive. PSHSA makes the process of meeting these requirements easier with our blended eLearning training, which sets us apart from other methods of learning. Trends in the application of learning technologies are moving in the direction of strategies that are more personal, social and flexible. Building on decades of sector-specific experience, PSHSA consultants provide the subject matter expertise required for creative and innovative eLearning experiences.

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What else is driving the popularity of eLearning?


The online world has influenced everything we do including how we search, shop, and sell; so, adapting to how workers can learn in new ways has become a focus for many health and safety professionals. For example, eLearning requires developers to work closely with health and safety experts and instructional designers to customize a solution to fit worker training needs. Using eLearning as an option for organizational health and safety programs makes sense in that you:

  • are not bound to a specific location
  • can learn at your own pace
  • take advantage of tracking and certificate generation.

PSHSA Working at Heights Experts


Our facilitators have received industry best practice training from our lead instructor who has over 15 years experience in Working at Heights and Rope Rescue training. He works with all trainers to ensure the highest quality instruction techniques with sector relevant experience so that training is specific to your job and the type of working at heights scenarios you face on a daily basis. This combination of practical experience is key at PSHSA to ensure relevant and exceptional learning results. Our trainers have also worked in such industries as Hydro and Construction among others to ensure specific tactics that will provide confidence for your workers as they experience our differentiated training approach.

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PSHSA has multiple options for your Working at Heights training preference simply choose the approach that works for you and your organization.

Working at Heights Training Program – Blended


Our program combines the ease of eLearning with the focused practical application of a traditional classroom environment. Complete the eLearning at your own pace first then attend a class with one of our experts to complete your course. You can attend the traditional classroom training in one of our regional training facilities or our instructors can train on-site at your organization. Blended learning is ideal for independent learners, those with many years of experience working at heights, or those who are used to taking eLearning courses.


Course Cost: $100/per person

Introductory Special Student Rate: $100/per student.



Working at Heights Training Program – Traditional Classroom


This full day program includes the basic information about how to work at heights safely, as well as practical application of skills. When you are done you will know the hazards and how to protect yourself. The practical session, delivered by our experts, ensures you know how to use, inspect, don and doff your equipment. This delivery option is ideal for those learners who are new to working at heights and would benefit from interactive discussion and active application of the learning. Our leading experts facilitate the day. You can attend the traditional classroom training in one of our regional training facilities or our instructors can train on-site at your organization.


Course Cost: $165/per person (aligned with specialized services rate)



Working at Heights Training Program – “Own the Program”


PSHSA provides you with a ready-made program, which you submit under your own brand using your own trainers. This package includes assistance completing the application for the Ministry of Labour, cobranded materials and a one-day session with one of our experts to prep your instructor for the Ministry of Labour audit of the delivery of the program.


This option is ideal for organizations with their own Working at Heights experts but do not have access to instructional designers, or eLearning development experts. Our program meets all of the requirements and was designed by subject matter and instructional experts.


Large municipalities have found this option to be effective for saving time, training budget and internal resources. The advantage with “Own the Program” is that it allows organizations access to their own onsite trainers and the ability to deploy those trainers in real time without spending time and resources on training development. This is an ideal approach for instant training access. “Own the Program can be purchased as traditional classroom training OR as the blended elearning option. If you would like to learn more about the blended option we can provide an advanced preview so you can see first hand how this may benefit your organizational working at heights requirements.


If you are interested in our “Own the Program” option you can contact us here. We will review options with you for how you can purchase this already developed training program.


Program Cost: $2,000/per Member Organization, $390/per class + shipping and handling


For this price you will receive:

  • Assistance from our Instructional Designer with completing the application for the Ministry of Labour
  • Cobranding of the materials with your organizations brand
  • A one day session with our experts to prep your instructor for the Ministry of Labour audit for the delivery of the program
  • Guidance on equipment requirements
  • Materials for a class of 12 including:
    • Participants Manual
    • Facilitators Guide and Manual
    • Course Powerpoint IOverview

Inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment Video


PSHSA - Working at Heights - Inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment Video


Personal Fall Protection Equipment Checklist


Fall Protection Equipment Donning the Body Harness Video


PSHSA - Working at Heights - Fall Protection Equipment


Donning and Doffing Checklist


More About Ontario Working at Heights Training Requirements


As of April 1, 2015 you are required to have training through a Ministry of Labour approved training provider if you work on a construction project and use any of the following methods of fall protection:


  • Travel restraint systems
  • Fall restricting systems
  • Fall arrest systems
  • Safety nets
  • Work belts or safety belts


It is recommended that you do a proper assessment of your work to see if this training is required, but some examples of jobs that could require this training include:


  • Construction Activities and Trades
  • Students in Specialist High Skills Major programs
  • Facility Maintenance
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