Specialized Services

Whether you need a strategic assessment, planning support or help with tactical implementation, our consultants work with you to deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions to make your workplace healthier and safer.

We take a three phased approach:

1. Initiate 


We start with the basics and focus on the groundwork including the internal Responsibility System to ensure you meet legislative compliance.

2. Integrate 


With the foundation in place we then move on to the program’s infrastructure or framework. We can create customized policies and procedures, implement effective employee training solutions and begin to integrate safety into your organization’s core business.

3. Innovate 


Once a program is underway, we can assist with helping you promote a positive safety culture.

From a simple needs assessment to on-site-training, our interactive approach focuses on establishing long-term, strategic relationships. We work with you to understand your business and assist in accurately assessing your needs.

Ergonomic Services
Reduce strains and sprains by identifying ergonomic risk factors and introducing controls to minimize injuries.
Occupational Hygiene/Infection Control
Recognize, assess and control exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents before they affect employees’ health & safety.
Respirator Fit Testing
Employees are better protected in hazardous environments when their respirators are correctly fitted.
Health & Safety Program Audits
Understand how health & safety is currently managed at your organization as well as the path required to achieve excellence.
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