Healthy Workers

We work, we care for and support our family, and we care for ourselves. We commit to juggling these roles in life, but doing so often puts us in overwhelming situations and constantly managing conflicting priorities.

healthy workers graphic

We may get exhausted, injured and maybe even experience feelings of defeat. This pattern of physical and mental strain can take a toll on our well-being, our ability to care for others, and sometimes, our health and safety at work. We have the power to control this. Explore the categories below to learn tips on finding balance and what actions you can take to help you stay healthy and safe at work, in your family life and personal life.

Stay healthy at work. You have the power to influence the safety culture in your workplace and help to build a healthy environment for you and your colleagues. Create healthy work habits, be aware of the hazards in your surroundings and know your rights at work.
Look after yourself. You are responsible for your own health and well-being. Engage yourself in a lifestyle that allows you create positive impacts on your mental well-being and physical health.
Family & Friends
Show compassion and care. Building healthy relationships and supporting loved ones in your social circle can help boost your overall well-being and help to foster a healthy and safe community.