Custom Training

Contact a PSHSA consultant to learn more about our customized training approach. PSHSA can help build your organizations capacity and generate health and safety solutions specific to your workplace.



Custom Classroom Training


PSHSA has the ability to create customized training offerings based on the unique needs of our clients. PSHSA will work with you to deliver tailored, cost-effective solutions to make your workplace healthier and safer. 


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Digital Learning Solutions


Adapting to how workers can learn in new ways has become a focus for many health and safety professionals. PSHSA can work with you to develop a creative and innovative eLearning solution.


Do you have questions about health and safety in the community and healthcare, education and culture, or municipal and provincial government sectors? Subject matter expert consultants are available to discuss a range of topics related to health and safety in Ontario. Our highly experienced regional directors oversee larger provincial issues in our community and healthcare, education and culture, and municipal and provincial government sectors across Ontario.


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