Mission & Vision



Enable a healthier and safer tomorrow for Ontario's Public Sector Community.



Create safer workplaces. We achieve this through collaboration, innovation and knowledge transfer. 

business people finding a solutiong together at office

Innovation: PSHSA understands that to be leaders in health and safety and cultivate solutions relevant to our stakeholders’ needs we must actively dream, change, take risks and be creative.


Collaboration: PSHSA knows that the outcomes of engaging, partnering and sharing ideas to include multiple perspectives will improve our ability to succeed.


Accountability: PSHSA takes pride in our commitment to responsibly own our actions, decisions and obligations. We believe in transparency as well as acknowledging and celebrating accomplishments.


Respect & Integrity: PSHSA will earn the trust and confidence of our stakeholders through living up to the right commitments, while recognizing and valuing differences and diversity.


Excellence: PSHSA delivers results by setting high standards and goals. We achieve these goals by distinguishing ourselves through persistence, continual improvement, competence and professionalism.

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