Increase Your Awareness of Occupational Stress Injury
calendar icon August 12th, 2020
Increase Your Awareness of Occupational Stress Injury

You're invited to participate in the testing of a new screening tool evaluating the risk of OSI among Ontario's First Responders.


Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) and the Conference Board of Canada have engaged in a research project to help at-risk workers increase their awareness of Occupational Stress Injury (OSI) prevention. The first phase of the project resulted in an evidence-informed screening tool which is now being tested to evaluate its ability to predict OSI risk, and we want to hear from you!


What is OSI?


OSI is an umbrella term representing the kinds of mental injuries that can occur due to direct traumatic exposure to human tragedy, moral conflict and vicarious trauma. OSI injuries can also be a result of fatigue from chronic injuries, compassion fatigue or the loss of people we care about on the job. OSI injuries can include things beyond PTSD, such as symptoms of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and addictive behaviours.


How can a screening tool help?


One way to support at-risk workers is to measure their degree of vulnerability for developing an OSI injury. The Early Recognition for OSI Risk screening tool is being designed as an early detection, educational tool that can be used to get feedback on individuals’ vulnerability for OSI. Its purpose is to increase awareness so First Responders can take accountability for their mental health by taking action. The data from this screening tool can also provide employers with insights that can inform workplace policies and programs.


How can you get involved?


As a part of the tool’s testing and development, we’re seeking First Responders to complete the confidential assessment which will provide real-time, personalized results regarding your risk level as well as tips for maintaining or improving your score.


While the results from the current version of the tool are valuable as they support building OSI awareness, the results of the evaluation will be fundamental to narrowing and focusing the assessment on those questions most pertinent to predicting OSI risk.


Thank you in advance for your participation!

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