Unprecedented eCert – A Solution in Sync with the Times
calendar icon January 25th, 2021
author icon Marla Wolfe
Unprecedented eCert – A Solution in Sync with the Times

Completing Part 1 JHSC Certification training online can help employees ramp up their health and safety smarts and prep them to make a difference on the job.


There’s no denying that this is a time of great disruption. We can’t escape the words “unprecedented”, “uncertainty” and “the new normal”, or the chatter about what-not-to-forget-to-wear on Zoom. Making workplace health and safety a top priority is now more important than ever. Why not take this to the next level to better protect employees and make sure your organization meets required standards?


Whether employees are working remotely or outside of the home, the smart approach to consider for 2021 is eCert eLearning from Public Services Health & Safety Association. This new online program covers the first part of the training required for employees to become members of a workplace Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC). PSHSA’s eCert makes it possible for workers to safely complete Part 1 of Ontario’s JHSC Certification training remotely, at their own pace in 35% less time the classroom training would take. Combined with workplace-specific JHSC Certification Part 2 training, this CPO-approved program leads to full certification under Ministry of Labour, Training and Skills Development (MLTSD) guidelines.


eLearning offers many great benefits. Learning time is reduced – learning tends to happen faster online – requiring 40-60% less time than in a traditional classroom setting. Participants can learn conveniently at their own pace, picking up where they leave off, plus revisiting content whenever needed. eLearning is also a cost-effective training solution – learning can be done anytime, anywhere with no travel expenses or costs for materials.


Most importantly, JHSC Certification Part 1 training represents a key step in ensuring the workplace is equipped to handle the hazards employees can face on a day-to-day basis, including those associated with COVID-19. The rationale for a healthier and safer workplace is clear – everyone is protected, productivity is increased and laws are not broken.


Everything may seem different lately, but one positive change that makes great sense for occupational health and safety and our current environment is PSHSA’s eCert – JHSC Certification Part 1 eLearning.


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