Your Questions Answered: WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence Program
calendar icon November 20th, 2019
author icon Carolyn Cuthbertson
Your Questions Answered: WSIB’s Health and Safety Excellence Program

We are pleased to announce that PSHSA is an Approved Provider of the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s new Health and Safety Excellence Program!


What is the Health and Safety Excellence Program?


Beginning in 2020, the Health and Safety Excellence Program aims to help organizations develop, strengthen and enhance their health and safety programs and processes. It combines three previous WSIB programs (Safety Group, Workwell and Small Business) into one to meet the needs of the organizations they serve. This includes both Schedule 1 and 2 employers, small businesses that may struggle to find the necessary resources and assistance to improve their procedures, as well as larger organizations well on their way to achieving health and safety excellence.


Beginning January 1, 2020, successful completion of the Excellence Program will be the only way for organizations to be eligible for rebates on premiums (Schedule 1) as a result of their time and effort in making health and safety a priority. All participating firms will also have the opportunity to gain non-financial recognition for their achievements. Such recognition will demonstrate their commitment to workplace health and safety to potential and existing employees, contractors and partners.




PSHSA has the people, expertise and solutions to help you succeed! PSHSA has been a sponsor of the previous WSIB Safety Group program since its inception in 2005. What hasn’t changed from the old to the new program is the level of expertise, support and guidance provided to firms registered in our program. Your success is our success!


As an Approved Provider, PSHSA’s robust program offers services to both Schedule 1 and Schedule 2 firms in health care, education, municipal/government, and emergency services sectors and to First Nations across Ontario. Our 2020 program will combine PSHSA’s expert advice and continuous support with peer connections and shared learning. We provide firm-specific support, including guidance in selecting health and safety topics to work on throughout the year, finalizing action plans, completing topics, reviewing evidence prior to submission to the WSIB for validation and addressing any identified gaps. Group services such as a members-only site and voluntary networking meetings are also available and open to all firms participating in our 2020 program.


How does it work?


PSHSA will guide participating firms through a comprehensive 5-step implementation model for the 1 to 5 topics chosen by firms to work on within the 12-month period.


The WSIB’s 5 step process to managing health and safety ensures a program is “living and breathing” within the firm:

  • Step 1: Develop a standard outlining health and safety expectations.
  • Step 2: Communicate the standard to all applicable workplace parties.
  • Step 3: Provide training on the standard to ensure workplace parties are equipped with the knowledge and skills to work safely.
  • Step 4: Evaluate the standard to determine if it is effective.
  • Step 5: Acknowledge successes and make improvements.



What’s in it for me?


The benefits of participating in the Excellence Program include both financial rewards and non-financial recognition, not to mention improvements in workplace health and safety. In addition, PSHSA’s group option allows you to network with like-organizations during in-person meetings and webinars to share best practices and discuss legislative changes and OHS system initiatives for continuous improvement.


  • Earn rebates and lower WSIB premium rates (Schedule 1 firms only).
  • Receive recognition demonstrating your commitment to health and safety.
  • Attract talented job seekers, customers, partners and investors.
  • Comply with legislative requirements and best practices.
  • Keep your employees healthy and safe.
  • Gain exclusive access to resources, support and guidance.
  • Network, learn and share with other like-minded businesses.


Where do I sign up?


We look forward to welcoming you into PSHSA’s 2020 Health and Safety Excellence Program!


Registering for our program is easy. All you have to do is review the WSIB website for eligibility requirements and select PSHSA as your approved provider. Once you’re ready to register, connect with us to complete an application.


Questions? Check out our page at for more information or email us at


Health and Safety Consultant, Public Services Health & Safety Association

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