Chemicals and Hazardous Substances

Chemicals and hazardous substances are in all workplaces. Some we would easily recognize as being toxic such as bleach or ammonia. Others, like toner for printers, might not as easily be recognized as posing a health and safety concern. Here you will find information about chemicals and hazardous substances you might find in your workplace and how you can stay healthy and safe as you work with, or near, these products.

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Simple Safety for a New Worker

When you start a new job there is usually a lot of excitement and a lot to learn. Health and safety might not be top of mind for you, but it is important.

So, here 4 simple steps to take

1. Get on Board – understand your role
2. Get in the Know – understand common workplace hazards and how to find safety information
3. Get involved – learn how to participate in workplace safety
4. Get more help – understand who you can go to for help, and how to refuse unsafe work

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WHMIS 2015 Pictograms

If you work with or near chemicals in your workplace, you should make sure that you can do this safely. This easy to read poster will show you the hazard pictogram and provide an example of risks associated with using this type of chemical. It will also tell you steps you could take to stay healthy and safe.

Before using chemicals in the workplace

1. Participate in WHMIS training
2. Read the label
3. Ask your supervisor if you have questions
4. Wear the correct personal protective equipment (PPE)

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