Meet PSHSA’s Lead eLearning Developer
calendar icon December 2nd, 2016
Meet PSHSA’s Lead eLearning Developer

At PSHSA, we develop all of our eLearning internally using in-house instructional designers, eLearning developers and graphic designers. Each contributor to our eLearning courses brings a wide array of experience in both learning and design. PSHSA has been working with a wide range of clients on custom eLearning development as well as expanding our standard library of eLearning modules that any organization can upload into their own learning management system.


Linda Lorenzetti is PSHSA’s Senior eLearning Developer, where she works with an innovative team of developers to create PSHSA’s health and safety eLearning modules. She has been involved in the eLearning community since 2009, bringing extensive experience to PSHSA.


Linda has presented her expertise at various conferences, including the Articulate Roadshow, eACH Conference, and the Institute for Performance and Learning.


At the 2016 Articulate Roadshow, Linda deconstructed one of her games. In 2017, she has been invited to run a session on gamification of eLearning courses for the Storyline Users Group. Linda is extremely active in the Articulate eLearning community, where she is currently featured on their website. She also participates in Weekly Challenges, where she is currently the highest contributor with 118 entries.


Linda has received awards and recognition for her work in eLearning. She received an honourable mention for her entry to the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards. She is also an Articulate eLearning Hero, in which there are only four in Ontario. She was the winner of Articulates e-Learning Tutorial Challenge.


What has been your favourite project while working at PSHSA?


I always enjoy working on projects that have a variety of interactive components and scenarios. I made a work-related contact dermatitis course for CREOD (Centre for Research Expertise in Occupational Disease) that had several interesting interactions in it.


I had a slide that featured a hand with contact dermatitis on it.  You were asked to identify items that could be used to prevent workplace contact dermatitis.  With every correct answer given, the dermatitis on the hand would heal.


What is your greatest achievement?


Three things that come to mind right away are:


1) Being awarded Honourary Mention for my entry (Skid Skills) to the 2010 Articulate Guru Awards.  There were over 200 entries from around the world.


2) Earning Articulate “HERO” status for my contributions to the online eLearning community.  I’m one of only four in Ontario, and there is about six or seven in all of Canada.


3) Being the highest contributor to the online weekly eLearning challenges.


What do you find most rewarding about working at PSHSA?


I enjoy being part of a team full of fun and talented people!