New Lab and Shop Safety Video
calendar icon April 10th, 2012
New Lab and Shop Safety Video

Update: Check out PSHSA’s lab and shop safety in schools webinars.


As part of their focus on lab and shop safety in schools, the Ministry of Labour has released a video to help organizations know what to expect from a safety inspection. In the video a Minstry of Labour safety inspector visits a Toronto school and shows viewers exactly what he’s looking for when he visits educational institutions. This video is a handy reminder of all of the areas your health and safety plan needs to cover if you have a lab or a workshop. Click here to see the video.


The Public Services Health and Safety Association (PSHSA) is committed to helping our clients in Education reduce illness and injury and keep their employees, students, and visitors safe. We have a number of upcoming webinars on lab and shop safety, you can find out more here. You can find our free downloads on topics relevant to education organizations here, or visit our e-store to see current training sessions. If you have questions about your health and safety plan you can contact your PSHSA consultant. Click here to find out who your consultant is.


Sécurité des laboratoires et ateliers dans les écoles.