PSHSA Safely Returns to the Classroom with In-person Training
calendar icon March 28th, 2022
PSHSA Safely Returns to the Classroom with In-person Training

In-person Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) and Working at Heights certification training resumes May 2022


TORONTO – Public Services Health & Safety Association (PSHSA) will begin reintroducing regional in-person certification training in select locations, including Toronto, Ottawa and Muskoka, starting May 2022.  


“With the province easing public health measures and more and more organizations returning to their workplaces, we’re also looking forward to returning to the physical classroom”, said Henrietta Van hulle, Vice President of Client Outreach at PSHSA. “COVID-19 safety protocols will continue in PSHSA classrooms to ensure everyone’s safety and peace of mind as we resume learning together in-person.”


“We can’t wait to see our clients again,” said Glenn Cullen, CEO and COO at PSHSA. “In-person training offers participants a personal learning experience where they can receive expert guidance and individualized support while interacting with and learning from their peers. We know our facilitators and our clients are looking forward to getting back in the classroom now that it’s safe to do so.”


PSHSA was able to continue delivering important occupational health and safety certification and training throughout the pandemic to meet client needs. Like traditional in-person learning, Distance Learning provides an enriching instructor-led experience by allowing for facilitated discussion and sharing of ideas and workplace experiences among participants in a virtual classroom, while self-paced JHSC Certification Part 1 eLearning can be completed individually entirely online in less time.


“These options will continue to be offered as the province recovers,” said Cullen. “We feel it’s important to offer training via multiple delivery modes, appealing to various learning styles and providing employers and workers with the flexibility to choose the option that’s right for them.”


JHSC Certification Part 1 will be offered May 30-June 1 in Ottawa and May 31-June 2 in Toronto. JHSC Certification Part 2 will be offered May 3-4 (Health and Community Care) and May 11-12 (All Workplaces) in Toronto. Working at Heights is scheduled for May 3 in Muskoka and May 5 in Toronto, and Working at Heights Refresher is scheduled for May 4 in Muskoka and May 10 in Toronto.


For clients who may not see any upcoming classroom sessions that work for them or aren’t yet ready to attend in-person training, be reminded that there continue to be more ways to learn. JHSC Certification Part 1 training courses will continue to be offered via Distance Learning, eLearning and onsite sessions at your workplace, and JHSC Certification Part 2 training courses will continue to be offered via Distance Learning and onsite sessions.


For a full listing of scheduled courses, visit our course catalogue. For further guidance on finding the right health and safety training program for you, please contact