Safety Groups Program Extended
calendar icon July 23rd, 2012
Safety Groups Program Extended

Professor Harry Arthurs’ Funding Fairness report specifically recommended that the WSIB make a decision, in consultation with the Ministry of Labour, whether to continue merit-based programs (such as the Safety Groups) within 12 months on the basis that these programs require improvements in safety, return to work, prevention and cost-effectiveness.


As a result, the WSIB Board of Directors has directed that:


  • Safety Group firms currently at, or exceeding, five years of participation will be extended for one year;
  • New sponsors and employers will be considered for entry into the Safety Groups Program in 2013 based on current entry criteria, and
  • The WSIB review the program with the Chief Prevention Officer and provide a recommendation to the Board of Directors, on or before April 30, 2013, whether to continue it.


More information about the review process will be available in the coming months. In the meantime, firms can now make plans for 2013 recruitment.


For the full WSIB update, click here.