General Infectious Disease Risk Assessment Tool

Infectious disease are caused by organisms such as bacteria, virus, parasites and fungi. Some harmful organisms can cause disease in workers and others in the workplace. In fact, any workplace may be faced with infectious disease threats. It is becoming increasing important for organizations to have infection control knowledge and demonstrate readiness and response capabilities to these types of threats. Without the focus and commitment of employers, many workers and others may be at an increased risk of exposure to infectious diseases.


It is essential that organizations build capacity to identify, assess and manage infectious disease threats.  An infectious disease risk assessment (IDRA), is an important component of every organization’s workplace health and safety prevention program. Identifying and assessing an organization’s infectious disease risks is the first step in preventing infectious disease exposure.


The following tools and appendices have been developed for broader public organizations to help them identify and assess infectious disease risks, develop controls and an action plan to protect workers or others in the workplace. For those working in healthcare please see the Infectious Disease Threat Risk Assessment for Acute Care resource.


The General Infectious Disease Risk Assessment Tool follows a two step hazard management and implementation process that includes two chart tools and three helpful Appendices A, B and C: Follow the instructions on how to use the tool.


TOOLS provided include:

  • Infectious Disease Risk Assessment Tool
         (Identify Risk, Analyze Risk, Assess Risk, Manage Risk)
  • Manage Risk Action Plan and Evaluation Chart Tool



  • Appendix A – Examples of Infectious Disease Outcomes Based on Hazard Domain Classification and Occupation
  • Appendix B – Completed Infectious Disease Risk Assessment Tools With Domain Specific Examples
  • Appendix C – Sector specific health and safety control measures for infectious diseases
         C1  – Education and Culture
         C2 – Municipal and Government
         C2 – Public Safety


The IDRA and Manage Risk Action Plan tools are available in a printable Word version and a fillable Word version.  Please note that the use of the tool is not mandatory.  


It is important for organizations that elect to use the tool for their annual Infectious Disease Risk Assessment and Management Plan to read the sections on how to use the tool. Contact your Health & Safety Consultant for additional assistance.

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