Implementing the Program, Communication, Education

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The organization has developed a detailed plan for the implementation of a client handling program, determined the priority area for the program pilot, and addressed the various needs of the area(s) where the program will first be implemented.  

Upon completion of the program needs assessment and development of policies, procedures, and  training and education material, an implementation strategy is required.


The following are steps for the implementation of a pilot program:  


  • Summarize and rank department injury rates and costs  
  • Choose pilot area(s)  
  • Conduct and summarize unit/department needs 
  • Address the needs of the unit/department 
  • Confirm readiness for training and prepare for education/training 
  • Plan for and launch the pilot program 
  • Evaluate and revise the program  



Connect with your PSHSA Health and Safety Consultant for support on client handling program steps, development, training, or specialized services.