Sectors & Priorities

We serve more than 10,000 organizations and over 1.6 million workers across the province’s education and culture, community and healthcare, municipal and provincial government and emergency services sectors. Located across Ontario, our regional teams bring together sector-specific experience with expertise in common workplace issues to provide clients proven prevention training, consulting and resources based on best practices and ongoing research.

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Health & Community Services


Headed by Sherri Bastos and a team of regional health & community care experts, Sherri and her team serve this sector to address a number of challenges. These challenges are due, in part, to increasing client care demands, including: the aging population, increased client acuity in Community and Long-Term Care, increased obesity rates and increased prevalence of dementia-related illnesses.


Government, Municipal & Public Safety


Improving occupational health and safety is part of the government’s economic plan for Ontario. The Government, Municipal team are working to provide municipal operations teams with resources and training to prevent and manage the new wave of workplace health and safety issues along with course options for new regulations and standards.


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Education & Culture


Educational environments encourage curiosity and discovery, but they must also be a place of safety. These workplaces are prone to hazards related to violence, exposure to chemicals or biological hazards, and more. Occupations such as cleaners, teaching assistants, food service employees and maintenance workers are faced with these hazards everyday while on the job.


Public Safety


PSHSA’s Public Safety unit has been serving Ontario for decades. With experienced instructors and proven training courses, we have made great strides in reducing and preventing occupational injuries and illnesses in the province’s Fire, Police and Paramedic Services by providing the Emergency Services sector with health and safety training services.


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New/Vulnerable Workers
The term vulnerable worker does not just apply to one group. Vulnerable workers are those who have greater exposure than most to injury and illness due to various factors.
Small Business
Small businesses are defined as employers who employ less than 50 workers. Small businesses represent over 80% of business owners in the province of Ontario.
First Nations
Currently we have an agreement with the Nokiiwin Tribal Council, a promise of our commitment to move forward with the work of the G’minoomaadozimin Initiative.