Establishing a Personal Safety Response System (PSRS): What Organizations Need to Know
1 hour 15 minutes

Violence can occur at any time. The Occupational Health and Safety act requires workers be provided with a mechanism to quickly signal distress and summon immediate assistance, when workplace violence occurs or is likely to occur. One way employers can do this is through the use of Personal Safety Response System (PSRS). A PSRS leverages technology and procedural best practices to effectively manage a violent event and limit the extent of harm.

The Public Services Health and Safety Association has developed a PSRS toolkit that is designed to help community and healthcare organizations establish an effective PSRS that can effectively summon immediate assistance for impending workplace violence situations or an incident in progress.

This webinar describes the PSRS and explains how the PSRS is a component of existing programs, processes and frameworks within an organization. In addition this webinar provides an overview of practical information regarding PSRS devices, procedures, training and implementation; and easy to use tools that can help establish a PSRS.