PSHSA's Work Refusal Toolkit for Workplace Violence
1.5 Hours


Workers in Ontario have the legal right to refuse work or refuse to do particular work that they believe is likely to endanger them. This legal right ensures workers have a voice in situations of real or perceived danger including the danger from the hazard of workplace violence. Work refusals may include situations where workplace violence hazards and risks have not been identified and assessed; or there is inadequate personal protective equipment, monitoring, training or other controls in place. Regardless, the work refusal provision in the Occupational Health and Safety Act is a way to protect workers from harm and should be viewed as positive intervention. 


What You’ll Learn 

During this FREE webinar, you will learn about PSHSA Work Refusal for Workplace Violence Toolkit including: 

  • Work Refusal Challenges and Opportunities
  • Sources of Workplace Violence 
  • Right to Refuse Unsafe Work due to Workplace Violence without Fear of Reprisal
  • Limitations to Work Refusals and Regulated Healthcare Professionals
  • Communicating and Triggering the Work Refusal Process
  • Work Refusal Process and Stages
  •  Documentation
  • Impact of an Effective Internal Responsibility System, Competent Supervision, and Positive Safety Culture on Work Refusals
  • Tools and Appendices Available and more!


Who Should Attend this Webinar? 

This webinar is relevant for workers, supervisors, employers, joint health and safety committee members, and health and safety representatives working the hospital, long-term care, home and community care sectors. 

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