Ready for Duty eLearning Series – Performance Module
45 minutes

Performance Module – 6th module in the Ready for Duty eLearning series


The life of a paramedic can be both physical and mentally demanding. Rotating shift schedules, repeatedly having to perform physically and mentally demanding tasks, poor quality of sleep, exposure to highly stressful situations, and poor diets are some of the factors that over time can take their toll if left unchecked.  A recent Defence Research Development Canada (DRDC) report highlights the toll that this work can have on your health and wellness as a paramedic, where paramedics experience much higher levels of overall fatigue and burnout than the average Canadian. 


In partnership with the University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University, we have developed a series of six eLearning modules designed to help current and future to develop and sustain healthy behaviors. The modules will serve as pillars for performance to help you enjoy a long and healthy career. Within each module, paramedics share personal stories, tips, tricks and resources that you can use and apply to help improve and maintain your health and well-being. Each module takes about 45 minutes to complete, but you can start, stop and repeat each module as often as you wish.  We hope you enjoy the series.


The complete series will work through six modules including:

  • Introduction – An overview of the 4-pillar model for paramedic performance.
  • Nutrition – Fueling for work and life demands.
  • Recovery – Repair and rejuvenation from mental and physical work.
  • Movement – Capacity and movement competency for work in paramedicine.
  • Mindset – Mental preparation and readiness for positive health behaviour change.
  • Performance – Integrating fundamentals from each pillar to sustain a happy and healthy career in paramedicine.


This page provides you access to the Performance Module only. In order to access each of the other modules, simply click on the name of the module in the list above.


Performance Module


This eLearning module provides an opportunity to bring together the information and resources from all the modules in the Ready for Duty eLearning series. Bringing together the fundamentals from each module to assist you in sustaining a healthy career in paramedicine over the long term.


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