COVID-19 Return to the Workplace (RTWp)

PSHSA has the expertise and resources to support your organization through the recovery phase of the pandemic. Our highly experienced consultants and subject matter experts will work with you to understand your business, accurately assess your health and safety needs, and build a customized action plan to ensure a safe and sustainable Return to the Workplace (RTWp).


These services include:


RTWp Planning & Execution


  • Assess and address knowledge gaps and unique concerns
  • Customize RTWp Roadmap and resources
  • Provide health and safety expertise


Workplace-specific Hazard Analysis & Risk Assessments


  • Recognize hazards and exposure risks to COVID-19
  • Evaluate current systems and identify any deficiencies
  • Assess necessary types of controls for protecting workers' health and safety
  • Make recommendations regarding controls (e.g.ventilation, infection prevention)


Guidance on Tactical Implementation of Hazard Controls


  • Customize general guidance applicable to your workplace
  • Operationalize practices and procedures
  • Ensure your workplace is meeting specific requirements, including:
  • Space design to accommodate physical distancing
  • Enhancement of environmental cleaning and disinfection
  • Revision and implementation of COVID-19 related policies
  • New technology solutions for better contact tracing and reporting


Development of Custom Tools & Resources


  • Specific training for leaders, supervisors and workers
  • Health & safety policies and programs
  • Emergency preparedness
  • Business continuity planning


Auditing Compliance of Best Practices


  • Validate alignment with industry best practice and guidance
  • Ensure consistency with current data and information
How Prepared Is Your Organization to Return to the Workplace?

We have the tools and resources to help you plan a safe and sustainable Return to the Workplace during COVID-19.

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