Joint Health Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Part 1 Changes
calendar icon February 1st, 2019
Joint Health Safety Committee (JHSC) Certification Part 1 Changes

The Ministry of Labour announced that JHSC Certification Part I training will be able to be delivered solely through eLearning in addition to the options of classroom, blended and distance learning.

Building on our expertise in digital product delivery and our eLearning capability PSHSA is set to embrace these changes and will plan to offer a JHSC Certification Part I eLearning program. With significant experience in providing specialized eLearning that is designed to a standard we have the capability to deliver a great digital customer experience once the change is implemented.

The announcement also includes changes to extending the time to complete Part Two JHSC training to within a year of completing Part One JHSC training, providing more time for employers to schedule training; and simplifying rules to create straightforward timelines for training and eliminating the need to submit forms.

Please note that the date of the implementation of the changes has not been announced by the Ministry of Labour. We will provide more information once this information is made available.


Onsite sessions are available contact your local consultant to arrange this.


Does this affect my in-class training for JHSC Certification Part I?

If you have already registered for JHSC Certification Part I training, the training will go as scheduled. You do not have to cancel your registration or wait to register. PSHSA will continue to offer JHSC Certification Part I in-class training programs in addition to the JHSC Certification Part I eLearning program without interruption. There is no need to cancel your current registration for one of our in-class programs.


When can I register for JHSC Certification Part I online option?

The date of the change has not been announced by the Ministry of Labour. Please check with us and we will update you on the availability of the eLearning option.


Does this affect JHSC Certification Part II training programs?

JHSC Certification Part II programs will remain as in-class training programs with no option for eLearning delivery.