Improving Fire Safety for Vulnerable Ontarians: Training for Owners/Operators of Care Occupancies, Care/Treatment Occupancies and Retirement Homes (eLearning)
This eLearning program is provided in a tracked version which ensures each participant will receive a certificate of completion and a record of the training will be kept and retained.

This course is intended for owners/operators (or designated persons) of Care Occupancies, Care and Treatment Occupancies and Retirement Homes who are responsible for ensuring that Fire Safety Plans required under Subsection 2.8.2 of Division B of the Fire Code are implemented. Persons responsible may also be known by titles such as manager, general or property manager, executive manager, executive director, chief executive officer and chief operating officer.


This course will prepare owners/operators with developing and implementing Fire Safety Plans in accordance with the needs of the facility they operate. Successful completion of this course is mandatory for owners/operators who are required to meet qualification provisions outlined in Subsection 1.2.3 of Division C of the Fire Code, O. Reg. 213/07, as amended.


This course is comprised of 8 modules and a Mastery Test. When you have completed the modules, return to the “Courses to do” section on the Learning Management System to take the Mastery Test. Please note that you may challenge the Mastery Test without reviewing the modules if you feel that you are prepared. Successful completion of the course will depend on an achievement of 70% on the test. The Mastery Test may be repeated if necessary.


After registration, you can access the course at using the participant email you used to register. 

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