Confined Space Rescue NFPA Level 1 and 2 Combined Levels
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5 days

This course will combine all levels of training in one package that will complete the course in one session.


The Operations level, as per NFPA 1006, requires the rescuer to size-up existing and potential hazards, manage physical and psychological hazards, monitor air quality, and utilize equipment to rescue a victim that can be seen from primary opening and enter space with proper PPE. All hazards must be identified, isolated and controlled. Victim will be properly packaged and removed from space. Procedure for planning and implementing an appropriate confined space rescue will be covered for both pre-incident, during, and post-incident planning. Procedure of selection, and use of rope lowering and raising systems as used in high angle environments will be used.


The Technician level as per NFPA 1006 requires the rescuer to be able to do all operations level procedures and equipment with the addition of working in hazardous situations, utilize a variety of rescue equipment used in high angle rescue work related to confined spaces, utilize a variety of PPE for safe entry into hazardous atmospheres, be able to direct operations into complex rescue situations, be able to properly package and remove a victim from restrictive spaces safely, and to properly implement a rescue in a hazardous, restrictive confined space using proper procedure and equipment. Hard wire communications and radios will be used as well as air line systems in conjunction with harnesses and rescue ropes.


Prerequisite will be Confined Space NFPA Awareness, Elevated Rope Rescue, and First Responder or EPC1 Training. (20130709)


Applicable for the Emergency Services sector, this course is geared towards trained firefighters who are responsible for confined space entry rescue with the addition of working in hazardous situations, utilize a variety of rescue equipment used in high angle rescue and work related to confined space. The course covers the required NFPA certification training elements as well as a practical component for demonstration of knowledge learned in the classroom.

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