Health and Safety for Leaders
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PSHSA’s Health and Safety for Leaders is a 2-day classroom course which builds on the competencies of being a supervisor. This training will provide you with the skills and knowledge related to your responsibilities as a supervisor in the promotion of health and safety. Health and Safety for Leaders provides you with the knowledge needed to help you promote OHS in your workplace, to ensure compliance collectively and individually around OHS legislation, and to commit to action around improvements to OHS and culture.


This training aids in the development of your practical skills and offers you a stronger understanding of your supervisory role under the OHSA and what it means to be “competent” in your day to day activities and if you are fulfilling the minimum of the OHSA requirements. It is an opportunity to move beyond compliance and fulfill your potential to become an engaging, leader, sharing values and driving change while performing your role as stated in OHS legislation and best practices.


Applicable to all sectors, this mandatory training is applicable to all Ontario workplaces.

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