Training the Fit Tester for Respiratory Protection
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The emergence of new infectious diseases, potential re-emergence of past diseases and ongoing threat of other respiratory hazards has highlighted the need for health and community care organizations to develop and implement formal respiratory protection programs to protect workers from infectious agents. This 4 hour program provides participants with the knowledge and skills required to conduct their own qualitative fit testing (QLFT) as required by the legislation, and as outlined by the CSA Standard Z94.4-18. The course includes a practical component where participants can apply and practice their newly acquired skills in small groups.


Course Content

This course will teach you:

  • Explain why respiratory protection programs and fit testing are important
  • Explain the implications of the routes of transmission of bioaerosols
  • Outline the main legislative requirements and standards related to infectious diseases and respiratory protection programs
  • Explain how respiratory protection fits into the context of RACE
  • Describe types of particulate respirators and their selection, use, care and limitations
  • Describe the required elements of an effective respiratory protection program
  • Perform qualitative fit testing (QLFT)


Who should take this course?

Developed by hygienists and infection control subject matter experts, the program is design to educate and prepare workers for the testing and use of respiratory protection devices. This training is applicable to the healthcare sector, as well as to other sectors where respiratory protection is required.


Note: This course does not certify participants to train others to be fit testers nor does it qualify participants to conduct fit testing as paid service offering. 

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